About De Kleine Poppenkast

Hello, my name is Stella Bernecker and I am the owner of “De kleine Poppenkast” and bear maker under the label “Bernie Bears & Friends”.

How it started ….

In 1991 I attended a workshop “making teddy bears”. After this workshop it remained with this first bear. A few years later my eye fell on a magazine “The Teddy Bear”. A stock market agenda was also included in the magazine. I decided to visit a bear fair. I saw miniature teddy bears there for the first time. I bought a package and my first miniature bear was born quickly! And more soon followed! I was looking for nice accessories for the little bears. This is how I came into contact with the dollhouse world. I visited a miniature fair and from that moment on I was infected with the “dollhouse virus”!

My own store

I started by designing and creating bathroom thumbnails such as towels, soaps and underwear. My assortment grew quickly! In 2003 I opened my own store “De kleine Poppenkast”. Here I sell my own handmade miniatures in addition to purchased thumbnails from all over the world. In addition, we also have various materials such as wallpaper, floor covering, glue, paint, wood, fabric, (cotton) lace, (silk) ribbon, bunka and straw tape.

On this website you get an impression of our store and we show you the web store. A limited assortment is included in the web store (for the time being). You can see unique and rare thumbnails here. Of course we have much more in the “real” store! To give you an impression of the store, click on “Store”.

Bernie Bears & Friends

The bears faded into the background until 2014. But since 2014 it has completely taken hold of me again! Under the label “Bernie Bears & Friends” I make unique bears with character but also other animals, such as monkeys and rabbits. All bears and animals are completely handmade and unique. Each copy is coded, has a name and a passport.

Take a look around on our website, feel free to come to the store or you might see something interesting in the web store. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I wish you a lot of dollhouse pleasure!
Hope to see you again!

De Kleine Poppenkast
Stella Bernecker